8 PhD positions/ PhD grants and 1 Postdoctoral position
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Department ‘Resilience and Transformation in Eurasia’


Department II of the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology has the opportunity to offer:

8 PhD positions/ PhD grants
1 Postdoctoral position


starting 1 October 2011 (or as soon as possible thereafter).

Two positions for new PhD students are to be filled in each of the following four areas:


Historical Anthropology
As part of this newly established Focus Group, a pilot study has been launched on ‘Ethnic Minorities and the State in Eurasia’. At this stage we particularly encourage proposals that address issues with relevance to Russia, the CIS countries and China. Candidates should have experience in ethnohistorical research in libraries and/or archives.


Kinship and Social Support in China and Vietnam
We wish to consolidate an existing group of researchers in the department, who have built upon earlier research in Europe funded by the European Union. Applications on this occasion should outline a fieldwork project in China (PRC).


The Global Political Economy of Cultural Heritage
Based on ongoing research into the UNESCO World Heritage system as a transnational arena, this new research group will explore the interaction between the various global, national, and local players at selected UNESCO World Heritage sites (not intangible cultural heritage) through long-term field studies. Urban sites and East Asian and Southeast Asian sites are particularly welcome but other sites will also be considered.


Traders, Markets, and the State in Vietnam
With a field focus on the trading activities of market vendors, this new research group will investigate how the dynamic process of 're-embedding' the market in Vietnamese society is informed by moral evaluations of trade, gender ideologies, ethnicity, state visions of modernisation, formal (legal) constraints and informal opportunities. We particularly encourage proposals that address the topics of urbanisation and modernisation, "ethnic" markets and tourism, cross-border trade/border markets, and gaming/gambling activities in the marketplace.
In addition to the available PhD positions/grants, one postdoctoral position is available for this group.


General Requirements: Good field research skills, the ability to work in a team, and a good command of written and spoken English are required. Acquisition of the German language is encouraged, especially if there is relevant literature on the research topic in German. Prior field experience in the designated research location and knowledge of the relevant national and local languages are an advantage; in some cases it may be possible to extend extra support for the necessary language acquisition. The workplace is Halle/Saale.


PhD grants and positions are generally awarded for 2 years, with the possibility of up to four six-month extensions. The postdoctoral position is for 2 years, with a possible one-year extension. The Max Planck Society is committed to raising the proportion of women in science; we thus explicitly encourage applications by female researchers. Individuals with disabilities will be given priority, assuming equal qualifications.


There is no application form. Applicants should send the following documentation:
• a cover letter
• a CV including a list of publications
• a two-page summary of the proposed research, which should demonstrate clear links both to the applicant’s previous work and qualifications and to the respective research field
• photocopies of university degrees
• a writing sample (e.g. a thesis chapter or a publication in either English or German)
• names of two or three referees, whom we may contact


Please send applications electronically to: jdiallo@eth.mpg.de


by 16 May 2011.


For further information about the Institute please visit: http://www.eth.mpg.de


Informal enquiries concerning the positions may be directed to:
Historical Anthropology: PD Dr. Dittmar Schorkowitz (schorkowitz@eth.mpg.de)
Kinship and Social Support: Prof. Dr. Chris Hann (hann@eth.mpg.de)
The Global Political Economy of Cultural Heritage: PD Dr. Christoph Brumann (brumann@eth.mpg.de)
Traders, Markets and the State in Vietnam: PD Dr. Kirsten Endres (endres@eth.mpg.de)



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