An excellent scientific infrastructure and an attractive environment make Halle an ideal setting for a research school dealing with anthropology, archaeology and history.

As one of Germany’s oldest universities, the Martin Luther University is not only associated with famous names such as August Hermann Francke and Philipp Melanchthon. It has also been the scene of path-breaking debate in the humanities, for instance that between Christian Wolff and Johann Joachim Winckelmann, the “father” of neoclassicism and translator of Herodotus.

Halle lies on the river Saale, in the historical borderlands between the territories of the Slavs and the Saxons. Since the sensational discovery of the Nebra sky disc in 1999, Mitteldeutschland has consolidated its position on the archaeological map. The disc is housed at the State Museum of Prehistory (Museum für Vorgeschichte), just a short distance from the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology.

Living in Halle

The city of Halle counts over 230.000 inhabitants and is the largest in Saxony-Anhalt. Built on the shores of the river Saale, it offers large park areas and nature reserves only a stone’s throw from the city centre.

A great variety of cosy bars and subcultural projects dominate the life in Halle due to its over 20.000 students. There are excellent leisure possibilities including museums, theatres and cinemas. Add the proximity of the pulsating city of Leipzig and the Harz mountains!

Halle has preserved an impressive number of historic buildings. Moderate rental rates make living in dreamlike locations affordable to students. The mixture of bourgeois districts and socialist architecture renders Halle a fascinating place to live.

Halle is easily accessible by high-speed and regional trains. The next airport Leipzig / Halle is only a ten-minutes’ train ride away


Depending on the country of your citizenship, you might need to apply for a visa for the Federal Republic of Germany. Please contact the German consulate in your country to check current regulations.

Rent a Flat

In Halle, you have a choice between a private flat, flat share or a students’ residence hall. A large part of flats can be found online on numerous housing platforms. If you need any help looking for an accommodation, please don’t hesitate to contact the coordinator.

Child Care

Halle offers plenty of day-care facilities for children. With some of these institutions, the Max Planck Institute has special agreements. The coordinator and the administration of the MPI will be glad to help you find a solution for your children.

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