Biomedicine in Africa – an anthropology of law, organization, science and technology

The Research Program Biomedicine in Africa examines how biomedicine is shaped through its engagements in Africa. Biomedicine is regarded as a circulating set of technologies, practices, and ideas that – as a by-product of prevention and healing – links individual bodies to the political order. Africa is central for understanding global shifts in the making of social, political, and juridical forms of governance because the continent is marginalised in the global political economy and thus represents a site of intense conflict and experimentation.

LOST Team and conference participants in June 2010 (Moshi) Front row: Julie Laplane, Herbert Muyinda, Daniel Nyato, Luise White, Johanna Crane, Helen Gremillion, Sheila Jasanoff, Stacy Leigh Pigg, Richard Rottenburg Second row: Lisa Richey, John Ogondiek, Katharina Schramm, Vinh-Kim Nguyen, Margaret Lock, Babette Müller-Rockstroh Back row: Daniel Bendix, Sung-Joon Park, Julia Zenker, Christiane Adamczyk, Stacey Langwick, Sherine Hamdy, Lynn M. Thomas, Julie Livingston

Completed Projects

Wenzel Geissler
Shifting States of Science in Eastern Africa

Rene Gerrets
Ph.D Candidate
Globalizing International Health: the cultural politics of ‘partnership’ in Tanzanian malaria control

Thamar Klein
Research Fellow
Que(e)rying body perceptions in South Africa

Stacey Langwick
Global Traditions, Tanzanian Medicines

Julie Laplante
Research Fellow
South African roots towards global knowledge

Babette Müller-Rockstroh
Research Fellow
Safe motherhood in Tanzania in the era of ART

Vinh-Kim Nguyen
HIV Mass Treatment in West Africa

Sung-Joon Park
Ph.D Candidate
The Supply Side of ART: users, drugs, and technologies in organising mass ART-programs in Uganda

Ruth Prince
HIV and the Moral Economy of Survival in Kenya

Katharina Schramm
The Stones, the Bones, and the Genes: classification practices and narratives of human origins in post-apartheid South Africa

Virginie Tallio
Research Fellow
Governing bodies in post-war Angola

Julia Zenker
Modernisation of traditional healing in South Africa

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