Curriculum Vitae

Educational Background

Since 2012
Ph.D Candidate at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle

MA in Social and Cultural Anthropology, North American Studies, Media and Communication Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin
Thesis: Respect as total social fact: Khundetgekh yos – Relations of respect in Ulaanbaatar

North Central Michigan College, USA

Fieldwork and Experiences

02/2011 – 07/2011
volunteer instructor for English and administrative tasks at Partners for Sustainable Development, Palestine

09/2007 – 02/2008
master’s research in Songino Khairkhan district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on the concept of respect

Presentations and Awards

president Elbegdorj of Mongolia 1 year scholarship for Mongolian academic institution

06/2009 – 07/2009
Summer School for Young Mongolists at the National University of Mongolia. First place for the best presentation. Publication of the paper on the concept of respect: Ulaanbaatarchuudin biye biyenee khundetgekh yosni ach kholbogdlig sudalsan ni. In: Mongol sudlalin undesnii kholboo, June 2009

presentation on the concept of respect in Mongolia at the conference of the European Society for Central Asian Studies in Cambridge, UK

presentation on the interrelation of the concepts of culture and kinship in Mongolia at the conference of the German Anthopological Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde) (Publication forthcoming)

Presentation at the Central Asian Seminar of the Humboldt University “an approach to the meaning of ‘respect’ in interpersonal relations in Ulaanbaatar”

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