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Definitions of economy and society, and their proper relationship to each other, have been the perennial concerns of social philosophers. In the early decades of the twenty-first century these became and remain matters of urgent political debate. At the forefront of this series are the approaches to these connections by anthropologists, whose explorations of the local ideas and institutions underpinning social and economic relations illuminate large fields ignored in other disciplines.

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This new series reflects the Department’s long-term commitment to economic anthropology. It has been established by Stephen Gudeman (University of Minnesota) and Chris Hann, who together led a group of six postdoctoral researchers at the MPI between 2009 and 2012 in a project titled “Economy and Ritual”. The first two volumes in the series are authored by the members of this Research Group. It is anticipated that more contributions from later researchers and associates of the MPI will follow. The editors are also interested in receiving manuscripts from other economic anthropologists in the spirit of the Series description above. Proposals should be sent to both editors:

Stephen Gudeman (

Chris Hann (

Volume 1

Economy and Ritual:

Studies of Postsocialist Transformations

Edited by Stephen Gudeman & Chris Hann

Volume 2

Oikos and Market:

Explorations in Self-Sufficiency after Socialism

Edited by Stephen Gudeman & Chris Hann

Volume 3

When Things Become Property:

Land Reform, Authority, and Value in Postsocialist Europe and Asia

Thomas Sikor, Stefan Dorondel, Johannes Stahl and Phuc Xuan To

Volume 4

Industrial Labor on the Margins of Capitalism:

Precarity, Class, and the Neoliberal Subject

Edited by Chris Hann and Jonathan Parry

Volume 5

Market Frictions:

Trade and Urbanization at the Vietnam-China Border

Kirsten W. Endres

Volume 6


Relational Approaches

Edited by Chris Hann and Don Kalb

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