Katharina Siebert
Katharina Siebert
Ph.D Candidate
Phone: +49 (0) 345 29 27 381

Project within the framework

Katharina Siebert

Between Gun and Olive Branch: Collective Consciousness and Strategy Change in Palestinian Nationalist Organisations

This research project addresses the decisions of nationalist organisations in Palestine regarding the strategies they employ in their efforts to create a Palestinian state and particularly aims to understand the motivation and rationale underlying a groups' decision to choose a certain strategy. It is argued that the collective consciousness of an organisation, meaning the values and beliefs that its members share, plays a crucial role in this context: The collective consciousness is the lens through which the environment is analysed and the fundament on which a decision is based.

By discovering the respective collective consciousness of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), the Palestinian Liberation Movement (Fatah), and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and by analysing their strategic histories, the above mentioned ideas will be put to the test. Of particular interest will be to find out why or why not organisations changed their strategies and how change or continuity is related to an organisation's collective consciousness. It is assumed that differences between the groups vis-à-vis their strategies can be traced back to the characteristics of their particular collective consciousness.

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