04-05 June 2018 International Workshop: "Social Categorization and Religiously Framed State-Making in Southeast Asia"

24 November 2017  Emmy Noether Guest Lecture: "Theo-economics: Islamic prosperity theology and the question of the future in Indonesia", Kostas Retsikas (University of London, SOAS), 14-16h

07 November 2017  Emmy Noether Guest Lecture: "Secularization (Rationalization, Bureaucratization) and the Individual: A Case Study from New Delhi", Johannes Quack (University of Zürich), 14-16h

27 October 2017  Emmy Noether Guest Lecture: "The Development of the Islamic Bureaucracy in Malaysia 1975–2017", Holger Warnk (Goethe-University Frankfurt), 14-16h

20 October 2017  Emmy Noether Guest Lecture: "Bureaucracy, Suspicion and Integration: Muslims in the Swedish welfare state", Mark Graham (University of Stockholm), 14-16h

18 October 2017  Emmy Noether Guest Lecture: "Bureaucratic Islam Contested: examples from Indonesian online/offine realms", Martin Slama (Austrian Academy of Sciences), 14-16h

13 October 2017  Emmy Noether Guest Lecture: "Colonial Conflations: translation, comparison, and the making of Islamic law ", Iza Hussin (Cambridge University), 14-16h

07-08 September 2017  International Workshop: "Conceptualizing the Bureaucratization of Islam and its Socio-Legal Dimensions in Southeast Asia: Anthropological and Transdisciplinary Perspectives". Download Program

1 June 2017  Emmy Noether Guest Lecture: "Ritual or Manual? Past, present and future of Zakat management in Malaysia", Kerstin Steiner (La Trobe University), 14-16h

24 May 2017 Emmy Noether Guest Lecture: "The Challenges of Doing Good: Muslim charitable organizations and voluntarism in North India", Catherine Larouche (McGill University), 14-16h

17 May 2017 Emmy Noether Guest Lecture: "Chinese Muslim Converts and the Malaysian State: the bureaucracy of conversion in Malaysia", Frauke Kandale (AFRASO Frankfurt), 14-16h

12 May 2017 Emmy Noether Guest Lecture: "'A Bunch of Rich Kids?' On Activism, Social milieu, and Atheism(s) in the Philippines", Alexander Blechschmidt (UZH University of Zürich), 14-16h

7 April 2017 Emmy Noether Guest Lecture: "Debating True Islam and Fragmenting Indonesian Society: Discourses on Ahmadiyya and Shia in Indonesia", Dr. Saskia Schäfer (FU Berlin), MPI for Social Anthropology, New Seminar Room, 14-16h

12 January 2017 Lecture: “Die Bürokratisierung des Islam in Südostasien: Islamischer Diskurs in Kontext staatlicher Macht”, Institute of Oriental Studies, Leipzig University

29 November 2016 Lecture: “The Bureaucratization of Islam and its Socio-Legal Dimensions in Southeast Asia”, Werkstatt Series, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle

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