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Research Interests
Anthropology of Development, Infrastructures, Experimentality, State and Governance, Aspiration, Ecological Futures, Visual Anthropology

Research Area
Central-East India

Departmental Activities
Working Groups: Science and Universality
Research Topic: Techno-Optimism


I am interested in how digitization and market devices are increasingly entwined with narratives and practices of good governance implemented by state and non-state actors in the Global South.
My current research explores the social dynamics and outcomes of a large-scale digitization project in rural east India. The state-led project builds and strengthens rural infrastructures by supporting the establishment of digital access points and promoting rural entrepreneurship. Moving between the policy and practice worlds of the project, I analyze the experimental nature of contemporary governance and the productive friction created by conditions of uncertainty, ambiguity, and un(der)preparedness. Ethnographically, I also explore project participants’ senses of agency, aspiration, time, fairness and modernity.
Currently, I am a PhD student at Leipzig University’s Department of Anthropology. My research is affiliated with the Collaborative Research Center (SFB 1199), funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Following a BA in New Media Studies (Singapore) and a graduate diploma in Filmmaking (Sydney), I completed my MA in Anthropology (Leipzig), where I researched the practical implications of financial inclusion policies on the lives of the urban poor in Delhi. In recent years, I have held teaching assistantship positions in Leipzig (2017, 2019) and Halle (2019).

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