Industry and Inequality in Eurasia

Selected Research Themes

Debt and ownership:
How do debt, ownership and property relations mediate other forms of inequality?

Relatedness and genealogy:
What can family genealogies and questions of relatedness tell us about the reproduction of labour and inequalities in capitalist industrial regimes?

Risk, environment and health:
What are the relationships between bodily, environmental and financial risk in heavy industry?

Technology and skill:
How do skilling /deskilling, the production process and machinery generate relationships and hierarchies among workers?

Vocabularies of class:
How are relations of power conceptualized and articulated by people working in modern industrial environments?

Political struggles:
Which types of social and labour conflicts do working people engage in and what forms do the struggles assume?


Heads of Research Group:

Catherine Alexander

Chris Hann

Jonathan Parry


Michael Hoffmann

Dina Makram-Ebeid

Eeva Kesküla

Andrew Sanchez

Dimitra Kofti

Tommaso Trevisani


I-Chieh Fang

Christian Strümpell

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