Department 'Law & Anthropology'

Current Projects


Marie-Claire Foblets
I.   The Moroccan Family Code - An Analysis of the Application of the Provisions of the Code that Relate in Particular to
     Transnational Family Situations and/or Moroccan Nationals Residing Abroad
II.  Externally Funded Projects

Senior Research Fellow

Bertram Turner
I.   Legal Pluralism in the Management of Natural Resources: The Case of the Moroccan Argan Forest
II.  Dealing with Transgression, Security, Conflict, and Ordering
III. Mobility, Migration and Mutual Processes of Translation
IV. Normative and Religious Diversity in Moroccan Islam

Research Fellows

Judith Marie Eggers
Migration and the Transformation of German Administrative Law: An Ethnographic Study of State-Migrant Interactions in Administrative Courts

Hatem Elliesie
I.   Zum Referenzrahmen Scharia im europäischen Kontext: Ethische Legitimierung muslimischer Lebenspraxis und islamischer

II.  Komplementäre Streitbeilegung mit kultureller Konnotation in Deutschland

Dominik Müller
The Bureaucratization of Islam and its Socio-Legal Dimensions in Southeast Asia

Maria Sapignoli
I.   Global and Local Articulations of the Discourses on Indigeneity: The Transnational San Social Movement and the Peoples
      of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve

II.  The Anthropology of Global Institutions
III. Exclusion, Inclusion and Marginality: Rights, Responsibilities and Indigenous Peoples

Katrin Seidel
South Sudan’s Constitutional Genesis in the Context of Legal Pluralism

Ph.D Candidates

Jonathan Bernaerts
Language Rights, Policies and Practices in Linguistically Diverse Societies: are current legal orders addressing the needs and concerns of persons belonging to language minorities as well as those of the administration?

Harika Dauth
Testimonies of the 'Citizen's Other': Analysing the Migration of Roma in Europe through the Prism of Multiple Legalities

Markus Klank
Autonomy of Religious Communities Under State Law and the Effects of Becoming a Corporate Body. The Case of Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany

Kalindi Kokal
Understanding Litigants’ Approach to Dispute Resolution in India

Annette Mehlhorn
Indigenous Justice in Bolivia

Ph.D Candidate IMPRS REMEP

Lucia Fröbel
Masters of Our Own Home: The Management of Migration in Italy

Sirin Knecht
Advocating human rights under conditions of religious legal pluralism: the example of NGOs in Beirut, Lebanon


Keebet von Benda-Beckmann
Project Group Legal Pluralism (2000-2012)

Petra Burai
The Impact of Corruption on Exercising Human Rights - The Case of Hungary

Ian Kalman
Framing Borders: Indigenous Difference at the Canada/US Border

Luc Leboeuf
Le droit européen de l’asile au défi de la confiance mutuelle

Ioan-Mihai Popa
The Workings of Welfare in a Small World

Martin Ramstedt
I.   Legal Pluralism and the Accommodation of Religion in State Law
II.  The Cultural Translation of Shaolin Chan-Buddhism and its Practices into "World Heritage" - Secularization or

III. On the Cultural Translation of International Legal Concepts, Norms, Procedures, and Institutional Frameworks:
     "Indigeneity" and "Indigenous Rights" in Bali

André Thiemann
A Relational Approach to the State: Local State and Social Security in Central Serbia

Larissa Vetters
Migration and the Transformation of German Administrative Law: An Ethnographic Study of Sate-Migrant Interactions in Administrative Courts

Olaf Zenker
Land Restitution and the Moral Modernity of the New South African State

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