Research Group: Launch of the New Research Group ‘Industry and Inequality in Eurasia’

September 11, 2012

Presentation of the paper ‘Sons of Soil, Sons of Steel’ by Andrew Sanchez and Christian Strümpell on September 19th marks the launch of the new research group ‘Industry and Inequality in Eurasia’.

In September 2012 the Department 'Resilience and Transformation in Eurasia' is launching a new postdoctoral group led by Chris Hann, Catherine Alexander (Durham) and Jonathan Parry (London School of Economics) to investigate the impact of industrial life in different regions of Asia and Europe. The project will concentrate on large enterprises in sectors such as steel and mining. Researchers will investigate shifts in state regulation, property relations and privatization, and changing entitlements of citizenship in the decades of neoliberalism. Field research will focus both on the workplace itself, including changes in labour processes, and on the communities, networks and consumption/leisure habits of workers and their households.

Poster of the Launch Meeting

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