Compatibility of research and family


The Institute assists employees in their search for kindergarten and school places and offers advice about childcare and support facilities.

The Institute has agreements with a number of external childcare facilities in Halle/Saale.

There is also a possibility for claiming reimbursement of costs for childcare during business trips.


Institute members have access to the following consultation and placement offerings of the pmefamilienservice free of charge:

  • Arrangement of short- or long-term childcare (daycare personnel and childcare facilities)
  • Placement with an at-home child care provider (babysitter, au pair, "rent a grandparent")
  • Emergency care at home / emergency hotline to find back-up facilities
  • Holiday care options
  • Childcare during conferences
  • Consultation and arrangement of eldercare (advice on care options and financing; placement with caregivers and eldercare facilities)
  • Support in developing a suitable care plan
  • Individualised online information services for Max Planck Society members
  • Events and programmes throughout Germany
  • Online portal for finding institutionalised childcare options in Germany for children ages 0 to 6 (crèche, kindergarten).

Dual Career Network Central Germany

The Institute is an active partner in the Dual Career Network Central Germany, an alliance of 30 non-university research institutions, universities, and other institutes of higher education, educational establishments, and companies in central Germany. The initiative addresses highly qualified scientific employees – as well as their spouses and families – at the participating institutions who must deal with the challenges of high geographic mobility. A particular concern is the integration of partners in the local job market. Furthermore, researchers and their families must have access to support in private matters (housing, dealing with government offices, childcare, school, language courses, culture, and social life) in order to promote integration.

By organising regular events, the network partners create opportunities for a lively exchange of experiences and ideas that greatly benefit their “Dual Career Couples”.

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