Equal opportunities

The Max Planck Society (MPS) is dedicated to putting into action the principle of equal treatment, that is laid out in the German Constitution (Grundgesetz). To achieve a balanced employment of women and men, the MPS strives for effective implementation of a family-conscious personnel policy.

The concept of equal opportunities encompasses several aspects:

  •     Preventing conflicts between research and family responsibilities
  •     Supporting (young) researchers
  •     Career development and mentoring

eine Chance für die MPG"
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Welche Schwerpunkte die Vizepräsidentin Angela Friederici in der Kommissionsarbeit setzt

MaxPlanck Journal | Namen und Nachrichten aus der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft | 4/2016

Audit berufundfamilie

The Max Planck Society has been awarded the certificate for family-friendly policies by the berufundfamilie GmbH for the forth time in a row since 2006.

The local Gender Equality Officer is involved in all measures that concern equality of women and men, compatibility of family and work and protection against sexual harassment and mobbing at the workplace.

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