Hatem Elliesie talks in the Leipzig University podcast "Auf einen Kaffee mit ..." about his research on Muslim lifeworlds and the everyday practice of Islamic law.

Max Planck Fellow Dirk Hanschel has been selected for a three-year guest professorship as Martin Flynn Global Law Professor at the University of Connecticut (USA). Hanschel leads the Max Planck Fellow ...

Nobody knows exactly how many unhoused people there are in Germany. But estimates suggest that their numbers have been steadily rising for years. Today there are probably around a million people who ...

In an interview with Kathrin Hondl from the German broadcaster Deutschlandfunk, Christoph Brumann talks about why UNESCO’s vision of creating comprehensive, multilateral protection of exceptional ...


News from the Media Archive

Book Chat – Monks, Money and Morality

In this video Jovan Maud talks with the editors of the book Monks, Money and Morality: Christoph Brumann, Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko and Beata Świtek.

Spot On | Hassan Hussein Kochore – Age Counting in Kenya

On different models of counting age in northern Kenya

Spot On | Christoph Brumann – UNESCO World Heritage

The idea of World Heritage and the power of nation states

Who lives on the streets?

Luisa Schneider in a podcast on homelessness

Spot On – State Intervention in Ethiopia

Yohannes Yitbarek Ejigu conducts research about the politics of “development” in Southern Ethiopia. In this video he looks at recent conflicts between the Hamar agro-pastoral communities and the district administration.

Read On – The Best We Share

In the first episode of our new video series Read On, Christoph Brumann introduces his book, “The best we share: nation, culture and world-making in the UNESCO World Heritage Arena”.

Spot On – Three Minutes of Anthropology with Pablo Ampuero Ruiz

In this video Pablo Ampuero Ruiz talks about his anthropological research among domestic migrant workers in Southern China.
Length: 3 minutes

Spot On – Three Minutes of Anthropology with Abdelghafar Salim

In these videos, Abdelghafar Salim talks about his anthropological research among Muslims in Germany.
Length: 3 minutes

The Representation of Power and the Power of Representation

Lecture given by Wolfgang Reinhard on 13 November 2019.
Length: 44 minutes

Studying Evil

Keynote lecture by Günther Schlee at the Workshop "How 'Terrorists' Learn" on 22 November 2019
Length: 57 minutes

Spot On – Three Minutes of Anthropology with Rosalia Engchuan

In these videos, anthropologist Rosalia Engchuan talks about her research in Indonesia. Length: 3 minutes

The Future of Work

Photos of the conference “Work, Ethics and Freedom” from 11 to 13 December 2019

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