Rural Property. Anthropologica Vol. 51 No. 1

Bertram Turner and Melanie G. Wiber (eds.)

Waterloo: Wilfried Laurier University Press

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This thematic section addresses transformative processes in property relations and access to resources in what are characterized as rural spaces. Despite the dominance of the neo-liberal reading of globalization that repeatedly endorses an open architecture to the global economy in the name of economic growth and greater equality between north and south, much of the evidence points to a quite different outcome. Contributors to this section, while coming from different but interrelated perspectives, share an interest in key mechanisms whereby transnational-local interaction transforms rural property relations and resource management. Given a common focus on the role of law, these articles demonstrate that first and foremost, transnational interdependencies involve paradoxical conjunctions.

Paradoxical Conjunctions: rural property and access to rural ressources in a transnational environment
Bertram Turner and Melanie G. Wiber

Conjonctions paradoxales: propriété rurale et accès aux ressources dans un environment transnational
Bertram Turner and Melanie G. Wiber, Traduit par Michel Tanguay

„What Innocent Bystanders?“ : the impact of law and economics reasoning on rural property rights
Melanie G. Wiber

Project Law – a Legal Intermediary between Local and Global Communities: a case study from Senegal
Markus Weilenmann

The Structure of San Property Relations: constitutional issues and interventionist politics
Edwin N. Wilmsen

« Né pour être esclave » : migration transnationale des bergers d’une comunidad andine
Monique Nuijten et David Lorenzo, Traduit par Michel Tanguay

Intervention transnationale et moralisation de la gestion de la propriété en milieu rurale au Maroc
Bertram Turner

Rural Property in an Age of Transnational Migration: Ethnic Divisions in Southeastern Albania
Johannes Stahl and Thomas Sikor

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