Coping with Insecurity: an "underall" perspective on social security in the Third World

Franz von Benda-Beckmann, Keebet von Benda-Beckmann and Hans Marks (eds.)

Yogyakarta: Pustaka Pelajar

Year of publication



Manu Wolu and the Birds’ Nest: the consequences deviant way to cope with insecurity
Jaqueline Vel
The Sahelian Crisis and the Poor: the role of Islam in social security among Fulbe pastoralists, central Mali
Mirjam de Bruijn
Land and Marriage: woman’s strategies in the Extreme North of Cameroon
Andri van den Berg
Members Only: time-sharing rice fields and food security in a Sumatran valley
John van de Ven
Livestock Transfers and Social Security in Fulbe Society in the Hayre, Central Mali
Han van Dijk
The Javanese Celebrations in Suriname: social security through an alliance of costs and culture
Karin Mulder
Law in Unstable Settings: the dilemma of migration
Sally Falk Moore
Insecure at Home: emigration and social security in northern Portugal
Roland Brouwer
The Impact of Labour Migration and Social Security on the Swazi
Rural Homestead as Solidarity Group
Andre Leliveld
Mixed Metaphors: the nation and the family
Sarah van Walsum
Social Security Policy in Developing Countries: integrating state and traditional systems
James Midgley
Issues and Authors in the Field of Social Security in the Third World – an introduction
Frank Hirtz

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