Book chapters

In preparation
“Perception of local architecture by permanent dwellers and summer visitors in the village of Kuzomen”. In: Hearths and Homes in the Circumpolar North. Submitted.

“Dachas beyond the Arctic Circle”. Co-authored with Razumova, Irina. To be submitted.

Co-authored with Razumova, Irina: Country house practices and perceptions among northerners (Dacha – eto prosto kogda dom stroitsia, dom na zemle). In: The Dacha Kingdom: Summer dwellers and Dwellings in the Baltic Area. Joensuu: Gummerus Printing, pp. 417-445.


“Details and features of landscape in the village of Kuzomen as perceived by local dwellers and incomers”. In: Ethnohistory and archeology of Northern Eurasia: theory, methodology and practice of research. Edmonton, Irkutsk, pp. 525-528.

“Following the logic of inversion as a cause of misunderstanding between a researcher and informant in the field”. In: Humanitarian Problems of Natural Science. Murmansk, pp. 93-94.

“Conceptualization of “one’s own” space among dwellers of the village of Kuzomen”, on the White Sea coast [Kontseptualizatsiia “svoego” prostranstva zhiteliami Terskogo berega Belogo moria, na primere sela Kuzomen]’. In: Northerners: problems of socio-cultural adaptation of population in the Kola Peninsula [Severiane: problemy sotsio-kul’turnoi adaptatsii zhitelei Kol’skogo poluostrova]. Apatity, pp. 95-102.

“Pomors of Terskii Coast: implications for future historical and cultural research [Pomory Terskogo Berega: perspektivy istoriko-kul'turnogo issledovaniia]”. In: Ethno-Cultural Processes in the Kola North [Etno-Kul'turnye Protsessy na Kol'skom Severe]. Apatity, 38-49.

“Reindeer image in the Kola Sami Folklore [Obraz olenia v fol'klore Kol'skikh saamov]”. In: State Polar Academy Bulletin [Vestnik Gosudarstvennoi Poliarnoi Akademii]. Saint-Petersburg, 4: 52-56.

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