Curriculum Vitae


2017 - 2018
Junior Core Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study at Central European University, Budapest (IAS CEU)

2016 - 2017
Fellow at the ZIF Research Group "Kinship and Politcs: Rethinking a Conceptual Split and its Epistemological Implications in the Social Sciences", Bielefeld University

2009 – 2016
PhD in Social Anthropology at the Max-Planck-Institute for Social Anthropology and the Martin Luther University in Halle (Saale), Germany. Dissertation “State Relations: Local state and social security in central Serbia” with summa cum laude (highest honours). Supervisors: Prof. em Keebet von Benda Beckmann, Prof. Tatjana Thelen, Internal Examiner: Richard Rottenburg

1999 – 2009
Magister (equal to B.A. plus M.A.) at the Free University Berlin, final grade 1.3 (very good), Major subject: Social Anthropology, 1st Minor subject: East and South-East European History, 2nd Minor subject: East-European Studies/ Sociology. MA thesis: “The Dynamics of the Markets in rural Ijumu, Nigeria: An Extended Case Study of Moral Economy and Conflict”, Supervisors: PD Thomas Zitelmann, Prof. Hansjörg Dilger

Professional Activities / Honorary Posts

Work camp leader for International Youth Community Services (IJGD) in Dessau-Wörlitz, Germany

2006 – 2008
Student assistant at the Library of Social Anthropology (since 2007: Library for Social Sciences), Free University Berlin, Germany

2005 – 2007
Member of the editing team of the conference report for the 6th Days of Polyphonic Anthropology

2003 – 2007
Student assistant at the Institute of Social Anthropology, dept. of Prof. Georg Elwert, work at the Social Anthropological Documentation Center, Free University Berlin, Germany

Civil Service in a Youth Hostel on the Island Burg/Fehmarn, Germany

1996 – 1997
Camp Counselor in Poland (2 weeks) and US (2 months)

Fieldwork and Field Stays

2009 – 2010
Fieldwork in Central Serbia. Return visits 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016

2004 – 2006
Participant observation on the transformation of social security aspects (dwelling) in postsocialist Berlin, Carl-Legien-Siedlung (since 2008 World Cultural Heritage Site)

2002 – 2003
Joint three-month field excursion to Nigeria by the Institute of Social Anthropology, Free University Berlin. Field research on local markets and market dynamics, with a focus on the work of market women in Ijumu, Kogi State. Return visits 2005, 2006

Exchange semester at Lomonossov- University Moscow, research on inter-confessional relations between Russian- Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches

Russian language course (Summer School) at Taras Ševčenko University Kiev

Russian language course (Winter School) Puškin Institute Moscow


2004 – 2007
Student representative (Fachschaft) in and for the Institute of Social Anthropology at FU Berlin

Member of the grass roots tenants organization „Grüne Vielfalt“ in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Grants / Scholarships

2009 – present
PhD stipend by the Volkswagen Foundation and the Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology, Halle, Germany. Part of the Project: Local State and Social Security in Hungary, Romania and Serbia

German Academic Exchange Program DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) short term stipend for German interns abroad

Grant for an encounter between young Poles and Germans by German-Polish Youth Cooperation (DPJW) in Berlin

DAAD and FU funding for joint research excursion to Nigeria

Languages (5 = excellent)

Russian/English 5
Serbian 4
French 3
Bulgarian, Polish, Yoruba 2

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