New book published by Sandra Calkins

'Who Knows Tomorrow? Uncertainty in North‐Eastern Sudan' by Sandra Calkins

March 21, 2016

The most recent publication by Sandra Calkins is out. Who Knows Tomorrow? Uncertainty in North‐Eastern Sudan at Berghahn Books.

Who Knows Tomorrow? Uncertainty in North‐Eastern Sudan has been published at Bergahn Books.

About the Book

Uncertainties of ill health. A mother waiting for her son’s recovery

Although uncertainty is intertwined with all human activity, plans, and aspirations, it is experienced differently: at times it is obsessed over and at times it is ignored. This ethnography shows how Rashaida in north-eastern Sudan deal with unknowns from day-to-day unpredictability to life-threatening dangers. It argues that the amplification of uncertainty in some cases and its extenuation in others can be better understood by focusing on forms that can either hold the world together or invite doubt. Uncertainty, then, need not be seen solely as a debilitating problem, but also as an opportunity to create other futures.

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