Law and the construction of cultural heritage: The case of the Curonian Spit (Lithuania)

Research report (imported) 2006 - Max Planck Institut für ethnologische Forschung

Peleikis, Anja
Rechtspluralismus (Prof. Dr. Keebet Benda-Beckmann)
MPI für ethnologische Forschung, Halle/Saale
In social anthropology cultural heritage is mainly seen as cultural production, which connects present interests with the past. This article analyses constructions of cultural heritage against the background of changing nation-state affiliations in the case of the UNESCO World Heritage Site „Curonian Spit“. The social practice of the actors involved is characterised by normative imaginaries that have their origins in different time-related and spatially defined systems of law, which continue to have effects and are even newly mobilised in present times.

For the full text, see the German version.

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