Curriculum Vitae


Humboldt-University Berlin, Law Faculty
Doctorate in Law (Dr. iur.); Dissertation: »Law and Racism – A Race Analysis of Human Rights«
Supervisors: Susanne Baer/Christoph Möllers

Columbia University, Law School                                                                    
Visiting Research Program
Supervisor: Kimberlé W. Crenshaw

Humboldt-University Berlin, Law Faculty
Magister Legum (LL.M.)
Thesis: »The Headscarf as a Legal Construction«
Supervisor: Susanne Baer

Humboldt-University Berlin, Law Faculty,
Turkish Law

Humboldt-University Berlin, Law Faculty
Erasmus year (academic exchange)

Catholic University Leuven, Belgium, Law Faculty                           
»Licenciat en Droit« (Master in Laws)

Professional and Teaching Activities

Humboldt University Berlin
Lecturer, AG Staatsorganisationsrecht (Constitutional Law)

Mobile Beratung gegen Rechtsextremismus und Rassismus Berlin
Consultant (Referent)

DePaul University (Chicago, USA) – Summer School                                 
Adjunct Faculty, Courses: “Intersectionality and Human Rights” and “History, Memory, Law”

Humboldt-University Berlin (Gender Studies)
Course: Critical Race Theory Europe – Challenges and Potentials

Humboldt-University Berlin (Gender Studies
Course: Can Intersectionality Travel?

Open Society Justice Initiative
Legal Consultant

»Network against the Discrimination of Muslims«
Seminar facilitator
Anti-Discrimination Trainings

»Islam in the West«-project, Jocelyne Cesari      
Researcher in the Berlin Team
Researching the religious and ethnic self-identification processes, the discrimination experiences, and the local political engagement of German Muslims after 9/11


African American Policy Forum                                                                                      
Fellowship for Summer School: Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality
Negril, Jamaica

Columbia Law School, New York, Visiting Research Fellow                                      

Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation, Doctoral Fellowship

Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation, LL.M.-Fellowship

Presentations at Conferences and Workshops

April 2018
International Conference on Kurdish Societies and Politics
Yale University, USA
Paper: »Diasporic Responses of Yezidis to Re-Traumatization«

April 2018
Transatlantic Perspectives on Racial Equality
Cincinnati University, USA
Paper: »Race, Law, and German Exceptionalism«

October 2017
Junges Forum – Rasse und Recht: französische und deutsche Querschnittsperspektiven
Humboldt-University Berlin & Centre Marc Bloch Berlin
Concluding Remarks: »Framing Race and Law in Europe«

June 2016
ICON Annual Conference
Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany
Paper: »The Holocaust as a Legal Argument«

December 2015
W.E.B. Du Bois Lectures
Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany
Paper: »Comparing US-American and German Post-Racialisms«

July 2015
British Academy, Conference: The Race Relations Act @ 50, London
Paper: Equality politics under German Exceptionalism

June 2012
Critical Race Theory Europe Symposium
Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
Organizer and Paper: »Critical Race Theory Beyond German Exceptionalism«

October 2011
Symposium on Histories of Migration: Germany and USA
Georgetown University, Washington, USA
Paper: »Eternal Migrant Seeking for Justice«

16-18 June 2011
International Graduate Conference: Colonial Legacies, Postcolonial Contestations
Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Paper: »A Post-Colonial Deconstruction of German Exceptionalism«

March 2010
4th Annual Critical Race Studies Symposium – Intersectionality
University of California Los Angeles, USA
Paper: »Intersectionality as a Fetish«

October 2009
Speakers Series at Seattle Law School
Seattle University, USA
Paper: »Racism and Equality Law – Toward a German Critical Race Theory«

July 2007
Law and Society in the 21st Century: Transformations, Resistances, Futures                     
Law and Society Annual Meeting – Berlin 2007, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
Papers: 1. »Rasse or Race in the German Law – A Manifesto for a German Critical Race Theory«, 2. »The Headscarf in the Postcolonial Legal Condition«


Dutch, Kurdish, Turkish (native speaker)
English, French, German (highly fluent)

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