Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D in Law, European University Institute, Florence, Italy
Dissertation: The Construction of Fatherhood in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights
Supervisor: Prof. Ruth Rubio-Marin

LL.M. in International, European and Comparative Laws, European University Institute, Florence, Italy
Dissertation: Paternal Contact after Family Breakdown: The European Court of Human Rights’ Approach
Supervisor: Prof. Ruth Rubio-Marin

LL.M. in Human Rights Law with Distinction, University College London, UK
Dissertation: The Child’s Right to Know His or Her Origins in the Particular Case of ‘Accouchement sous X’
Supervisor: Prof. Michael Freeman

LL.B. and MA in Law, University of Turin, Italy

Professional Activities/Teaching 

Spring 2021 - present
Lecturer in Gender and Diversity, Margherita von Brentano Center, Freie Universität, Berlin (Germany)

2020 - present
Member of Review Board, Journal of Legal Research Methodology

Dec 2020 - present
Senior Research Fellow, MPI for Social Anthropology, Department ‘Law and Anthropology’, Halle/Saale, Germany

2018- present                         
Co-editor, Journal of Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality & Anti-Discrimination Law

Oct 2017-  Dec 2020                        
Research Fellow, MPI for Social Anthropology, Department ‘Law and Anthropology’, Halle/Saale, Germany

June 2017                         
Guest Lecturer (Research Methodology), University of Turin, Department of Law, Italy

Jan 2017
Guest Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Forum of Legal Gender Studies, Martin-Luther-University of Halle-Wittenberg, Halle/Saale (Germany)

10/2015 - 06/2016
Research/Teaching Fellow, KOÇ-KAM Center for Gender Studies, Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey 

Lecturer in Human Rights, Koç University Law School, Istanbul, Turkey

Jan 2016                            
Guest Researcher, MPI for Social Anthropology Department ‘Law and Anthropology’, Halle/Saale, Germany

Post-doctoral Researcher, Fundamental Rights Laboratory, Turin, Italy

Child Protection Consultant, UNICEF-Office of Research, Florence, Italy

Coordinator, EUI Human Rights Working Group, Florence, Italy

Nov 2013                           
Guest Lecturer (Children's Rights and Women’s Rights), NYU Florence, Italy

Visiting Scholar, The Vulnerability and Human Condition Initiative, Emory University Law School, Atlanta, USA

Lecturer in Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights, University of Passau, Germany

Dec 2012           
Visiting Scholar, Lund University, Faculty of Law, Sweden

Legal case-worker, Human Rights Law Network, Sikkim and Delhi, India

May 2012                          
Guest Lecturer (International Law), University of Siena, Department of Law, Italy

Child Protection Intern, UNICEF Office for Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo


NEXT - Law Between Normativity and Reality, Volkswagen Stiftung (grant period in 2023-2024)
Project: Who is the Court For? Bringing the Human Back into Human Rights (Research)

Bavarian Gender Equality Grant, University of Bayreuth (grant period in 2022)

Chaire Genre 2020, Institut du Genre (Paris)

Travel grant, 16th International Society of Family Law Annual Conference, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) (declined)

Guest Researcher Grant, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Department ‘Law & Anthropology, ’Halle/Saale (Germany)

Research grant offered by Fondazione San Paolo, Turin, Italy

PhD grant at the EUI offered by the Italian Government

Research stay sponsored by the Feminism and Legal Theory Project, Emory University Law School, Atlanta, USA

Summer School Bursary, Faculté Internationale de Droit Comparé, University of Strasbourg (France)

Erasmus Mundus scholarship, University of Westminster, London, UK

Presentations at Conferences and Invited Lectures (selection)

26 October 2022
"Fatherhood and Law in Europe", Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong
24 March 2022
"European Approaches to Regulating Seahorse Fatherhood: A Comparative Approach", Conference Changing Families, Changing Family Law, Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Hamburg (Germany)
23 November 2021
"The Reproductive Rights of Fathers before the ECtHR", Legal Gender Studies: Highlighting Different Aspects series, F.Ius - University of Zurich (Switzerland)

17 November 2021
"Genetics in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights", Conference Between Sexuality, Gender & Reproduction: On the Pluralization of Family Forms, Käte Hamburger Kolleg Law as Culture, Bonn (Germany) 
26 April 2021
"Fathers in the pandemic: Is it time to reconsider family leave policies?", Social Policy Research Forum, Hertie School, Berlin(Germany)
27 January 2021
"Trans(forming) Fatherhood? European and Israeli Approaches", Conference Biomedical practices in the Middle East in Europe: The Impact of Religion and Culture, MPI for Social Anthropology (Halle/Saale, Germany) and The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (online)
14 February 2020
'Another Side of Gender Equality: Fathers at the European Court of Human Rights’, at the conference Women’s Human Rights in the Twenty-First Century: Developments and Challenges under International and European Law, held at the European Court of Human Rights

8 November 2019
"Fathers as Gendered Subjects before European Supra-National Courts" (with Prof. E. Caracciolo di Torella), Gender in Law and Courts, European University Institute (Florence)

1-3 November 2019
"The Construction of Fatherhood: Assisted Reproduction in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights", 2nd FamLaPP Conference Vertical Family Relations: Law, Practices and Policies, Aalborg University (Denmark)

24-25 October 2019
"Changing Fatherhood, Changing Law?", Changing Families, Changing Institutions? (InFaCt), University of Turin (Italy

2 July 2019
"Fatherhood and Assisted Reproduction: The Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights", Guest Speaker at the Human Rights Centre, Ghent University (Belgium)

27 August 2018
"Legislature and Judiciary vis-à-vis ART-created Families", Nouvelles réalités sociales et enjeux éthiques : les défis de l’encadrement juridique de la procréation médicalement assistée - Regards européens et québécois, Conference held at the University of Montreal (Canada)

22-24 August 2018
"Bridging the gap: European Judges vis-à-vis ART-created Families", Citizenship, legal pluralism and governance in the age of globalisation, Annual Conference of the Commission on Legal Pluralism, held at the University of Ottawa (Canada)

17-18 May 2018
"Fatherhood and Assisted Reproductive Technologies: The Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights", Non-traditional kinship at the law: socio-legal perspectives, Conference held at the University of Antwerp and Università la Sapienza, Rome (Belgium/Italy)

31 January 2018
"Culturally diverse families before the European Court of Human Rights: an anthropological approach", The neglected methodologies of international law: empirical, socio-legal and comparative, Workshop held at University of Leicester (UK)

5 May 2016
"Towards Gender Roles Disestablishment: The Evolution of Fatherhood within the Jurisprudence of the ECtHR", State of the Union 2016: Women in Europe and the Rest of the World, held at the European University Institute (Italy)

5 February 2016
"‘New Fathers’ and the Right to Parental Leave: Does the European Court of Human Rights Conceive the Convention as a Reflective and/or Transformative Tool?", ESIL HSE-Jessup Russia Conference: The Evolutionary Interpretation od Treaties: The UN Charter and the European Convention on Human Rights Facing Modern Challenges, held at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow (Russia)

28 November 2014
"Fatherhood and Family-Work Reconciliation: Gender Awareness within the Jurisprudence of European Courts", Cycles of Care: ReValuing the Possibilities of Connection, held at Queen Mary University of London (UK)

3 November 2014
"I principi fondamentali sanciti dalle norme di diritto internazionale per una giustizia a misura di minore – uno sguardo particolare all'interesse superiore del bambino" [The fundamental principles of international law for a child-friendly justice: a particular focus on the best interests of the child], La giustizia a misura delle persone di età minore [Child-friendly Justice], organised by UNICEF Italy and CamMiNo; held at the Italian Court of Cassation (Italy)

5-6 May 2014
"Considering Maternity Leave from a Human Rights Perspective", Third Annual International Conference of the Berkeley Comparative Antidiscrimination Law Study Group – Global Challenges and New Perspectives on Equality Law, held at Université libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)

6-7 December 2013
"Fatherhood over Time: The European Court of Human Rights' Perspective", FLT at 30: Workshop on the Transformation of the Family and the Recognition and Regulation of Intimate Lives, held at Emory University Law School (USA)

22-23 November 2013
"Human Rights and Vulnerability: is it a Framing or a Substantive Issue?", PECANS Workshop 2013 Encounters with Vulnerability: The Victim, the Fragile, the Monster, the Queer, the Abject, the Nomadic, the Feminine, the Shameful, and the Rest, held at Newcastle University (UK)

26 March 2013
"Rethinking Legal Fatherhood through the Lens of Human Rights", Vulnerability and Human Condition Visiting Scholar Presentation, held at Emory University Law School (USA)

14 December 2012
"Family-Work Reconciliation: Comparing the ECtHR and the EU Experiences", Visiting Scholar Presentation at Lund University, Faculty of Law (Sweden)   

13 December 2012
"Who is a Mother? Maternity, Responsibility and Liberty - The Issue of Anonymous Birth from the ECtHR’s Perspective", Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Lund (Sweden)

26 November 2012
"Towards a Transformative Version of Equality in Work-Family Reconciliation Case-law", Guest Speaker Series, Centre for Transnational Legal Studies, London (UK)

14 May 2012
"The Impact of Reproductive Technologies on the Legal Determination of Fatherhood from a Human Rights Perspective", Law&Science Informal Young Scholars Symposium, University of Pavia, Department of Law (Italy)

30 June 2011
"The Legal Attitude towards the Recognition of Same-sex Couples' Rights in the UK", invited discussant to Prof. Robert Rains, Mediazione e Prevenzione: Un Nuovo Diritto per l'Infanzia e l’Adolescenza [Mediation and Prevention: a New Law for Children and Adolescents], Seminar held at the University of Florence, Department of Law (Italy)

30 June 2011
"The New Father and the Gendered Division of Care", invited discussant to Prof. Richard Collier, The European Family: New Challenges to Old Paradigms, Workshop held at the European University Institute, Department of Law (Italy)

4-6 May 2011
"The (non) Implementation of the Child's Right to Know his or her Origins: a Comparative Study between England and France", The Trickle-Down Effect of International Law, Symposium held at the University of Edinburgh, School of Law (UK)


Italian (native); English (fluent); French (fluent)

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