Curriculum Vitae


2004 – 2008
PhD Anthropology, Amsterdam School for Social Science Research
2000 – 2003
Master, Cultural Anthropology and Non-Western Sociology, University of Amsterdam

Professional appointments - a selection

2019 -
Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies & Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
University of Amsterdam
2014 - 2019
Research Fellow: one year fellowship working on the topic of Indian mid-level skilled migration to Singapore
Chair: Asia Graduate Fellowship Program & Forum
Asia Research Institute
National University of Singapore
2013 - 2014
Fellow: conducting research on the topic of ‘new middle class professionals’ in urban India; contributing to the further establishment of the university; organizing conference on ‘cultural heritage’
March Nalanda University (New Delhi & Rajgir)
Senior Research Fellow: three month fellow to explore a potential research project on Indian skilled migration
Asia Research Institute
National University of Singapore

Grants and collaborations - a selection

Joint Seminar with Waseda University on The Question of Skills in Cross-Border Mobility, funded by Waseda University, Tokyo. September 20-21
Joint Seminar with the Moving Matters project group from the University of Amsterdam on Movement as Interregnum: people, technologies, goods, and ideas. Funded by the University of Amsterdam, Singapore, June 12-13
Merlion Grant to organize a two-day follow-up seminar with USPC Paris on Space and Place of Migrants in Global Cities: 30,000 euros (co-applicants: Brenda Yeoh, Delphine El Karoui), Paris, July 9-10
NUS-USPC Grant for a two-day seminar with USPC Paris on Migrants in Global Cities: Experiences from Asia, the Middle East and Europe, held in Singapore: S$35,000 (co-applicants: Brenda Yeoh, Delphine El Karoui)
ARI Internal Grant for a two-day seminar on The Migration Industry: Facilitators and Brokerage in Asia: S$25,000 (co-applicants: Tina Shrestha and Bernardo Brown)
Luce Grant to fund three-years of the Asia Graduate Students Fellowship Program and Graduate Forum for SE Asian Studies: S$270,000 (co-applicant: Prasenjit Duara)
ARI Internal Grant for a two-day seminar on Mobilities & Temporalities: Rethinking Migrant Trajectories and Transnational Lifestyles in the Asian Context. Seminar at ARI: S$25,000 (co-applicant: Brenda Yeoh)
ARI fieldwork grant to conduct fieldwork among migration agents in India: S$5,000
Joint Conference with Humboldt University on Diversity Encounters: Intersectional and Post-colonial Perspectives, Funded by Humboldt University, held in Berlin. 24-26 May
Joint Workshop with Humboldt University on Migration, Diversity and Encounters, Co-funded by ARI and Humboldt University, held in Singapore. 29 October

Teaching experience - a selection

Undergrad course for Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Amsterdam, Youth Studies
Undergrad course for the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies
Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Amsterdam
Loving the (Global) City: Gender, Friendship and Sexuality
Undergrad course for Sociology students
Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore
Urban Sociology
Bachelor course for second/third-year anthropology students
Department of Anthropology, University of Amsterdam
Orientation Module: Power & Identity.’
Bachelor course
Department of Anthropology, University of Amsterdam
History and Theory of Anthropology
Master course for international students of the Amsterdam Master in Medical Anthropology
Department of Anthropology, University of Amsterdam
Anthropological Perspectives

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