Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Kumpf, Desirée. 2021. Multispecies monocultures: organic agriculture and resistance on Indian tea plantations. Berliner Blätter 84: 49–61.
Journal Article
Kumpf, Desirée. 2020. Organic taste and labour on Indian tea plantations. Social Anthropology 28(4): 789–802.

Book Review (2)

Book Review
Kumpf, Desirée. 2018. A thirst for empire: how tea shaped the modern world, by Erika Rappaport, Princeton, NJ, Princeton University Press, 2017, 568 pp. South Asia 41(2): 498–499.
Book Review
Kumpf, Desirée. 2018. Terrestrial lessons: the conquest of the world as globe, by Sumathi Ramaswamy, Chicago, IL, University of Chicago Press, 2017, 416 pp. South Asia 41(4): 925–927.
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