Chris Hann a Foreign Member of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences

November 19, 2020

Max Planck Director Chris Hann has been elected a foreign member of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (PAU) by the Academy’s General Assembly.

Chris Hann’s connections with Poland are rich and longstanding. “My work in Poland dates back to 1978–1981, when I spent two years doing field research there. The main results of this work were published in my 1985 monograph A village without solidarity: Polish peasants in years of crisis,” Hann explains. The ties with Polish colleagues first established during that time have continued until today. Over the years, Hann and the MPI for Social Anthropology have developed strong networks with various research institutions in Cracow, Poznán, Przemyśl, and Warsaw. “My appointment as a member of the Cracow-based Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences was a surprise. They didn’t indicate why they recruited me, but I imagine that the selection of candidates is based on the importance of Poland in one’s research and maintaining good relations with the country,” Hann says. “It is, in any case, a great honour and I look forward to maintaining fruitful discussions with numerous Polish colleagues in years to come.”

In spring of this year, Chris Hann was elected a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales. ”I’ve never carried out research in Wales,” says Hann, “but in this case I qualify for membership by virtue of being born in Cardiff and growing up nearby!”

Prof. Dr. Chris Hann
Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
Department 'Resilience and Transformation in Eurasia'
Advokatenweg 36, 06114 Halle (Saale)
Tel.: 0345 2927-201

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