Jacqueline Knörr is Visiting Professor at the École normale supérieure

May 13, 2022

Jacqueline Knörr has been invited as Visiting Professor by the Department of Social Sciences at the École normale supérieure (ENS-PSL) in Paris where she is collaborating with colleagues both in research and the co-supervision of PhD students.

Jacqueline Knörr is working on connections between creolization and decolonization in postcolonial contexts, on (re-)migration, gender, and generation, on (trans-)ethnic and national identity, and on issues of identity and integration. Regionally, her work focusses on Atlantic West Africa, Indonesia, and Western Central Europe. While at the ENS in April/May 2022, she is also giving lectures entitled “Interactions between Decolonization and Creolization: Towards an Anthropological Turn in Decolonization Studies” and “From West Africa to Indonesia (and back): A Personal and Intellectual Encounter”.

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