Working Paper 48

Land Rights and the Politics of Integration: Pastoralists' Strategies in a Comparative View

Andreas Dafinger & Michaela Pelican

Department ‘Integration and Conflict’

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Working Paper 48

In this working paper we will depict and compare two cases of farmer-herder relations, one in Burkina Faso, the other one in North West Cameroon. In both research sites, the herders are Fulbe agro-pastoralists and ethnic minorities. While one case is marked by integration; the other one is increasingly violent. To understand the different situations we want to relate the two case studies to differing patterns of land use. In a second step, we will link them to pastoralists' strategies in the struggle over access to land. Finally, we will look at local discourses on Fulbe identity which relate to pastoralists' quest for land.

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