Realising Eurasia:Civilisation and Moral Economy in the 21st Century

Realising Eurasia:
Civilisation and Moral Economy in the 21st Century

Research Locations

1 - Anne Erita Venasen Berta, PhD Candidate     
2 - Sylvia Terpe, Senior Research Fellow     
3 - Luca Szücs, PhD Candidate     
4 - Daria Tereshina, PhD Candidate     
5 - Ceren Deniz, PhD Candidate     
6 - Sudeshna Chaki, PhD Candidate     
7 - Laura Hornig, PhD Candidate     
8 - Lizhou Hao, PhD Candidate

Field research pictures


The research group and the point of departure

The project “Realising Eurasia: civilisation and moral economy in the 21st century” (REALEURASIA) was launched on 1st July 2014. After a year of preparation, the 7 Ph.D. students spent the academic year 2015-6 carrying out field research in various cities across Eurasia. Eurasia is understood in the classical sense of global historians as the super-continent which embraces the whole of Europe and the whole of Asia. In addition to core funding provided by the European Research Council (ERC Grant Agreement n.340854), two Ph.D. projects in Northern and Central Europe are supported by the MPI.

This comparative project is primarily rooted in the theories and methods of economic anthropology, but it also sets out to renew links to historical sociology and adjacent fields. The framework is "civilisation" in the universal spirit of Marcel Mauss, with Eurasia-specific inflections drawn primarily from Max Weber’s work on the “world religions”. The research team will synthesise the concepts of moral economy (Thompson) and Wirtschaftsethik (Weber) and operationalise them at multiple levels within the civilisational frame. The project combines detailed ethnographic investigations of family businesses, in towns selected to ensure structural comparability, with attention to the embeddedness of economy in religion, polity, and society as they have evolved together in the longue durée of the Eurasian past.

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Current Working Papers

Researchers and guests at the REALEURASIA Conference 2015

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