Abgeschlossene Dissertationen

Abgeschlossene Dissertationen in der Abteilung 'Integration und Konflikt'

Auf dieser Seite sind alle Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden samt abgeschlossenem Dissertationsprojekt gelistet. Beim den verlinkten Titeln finden Sie neben Details zur Disseration auch die dazugehörige deutsche Zusammenfassung.

Olumide Abimbola
'Okrika': Igbo Trade Networks and Secondhand Clothing

Fekadu Adugna
Negotiating Identity: Politics of Identification among the Borana, Gabra and Garri around the Oromo-Somali Boundary in Southern Ethiopia

Ogato Ambaye
Dynamic Synergy of Descent, History and Tradition in the Process of Sidama Ethnic Identification in Southern Ethiopia

Maarten Bedert
Of Strangers and Secrets: continuity and change in the articulation of belonging in contemporary Liberia

Frank Donath
Islamischer 'Fundamentalismus' neu betrachtet: performative Konstruktionen skripturaler Authentizität

Christiane Falge
The Global Nuer. Modes of transnational livelihoods

Dereje Feyissa
Ethnic Groups and Conflict. The Case of Anywaa-Nuer Relations in the Gambela Region, Ethiopia

Christina Gabbert
Deciding Peace: knowledge about war and peace among the Arbore of southern Ethiopia

Dejene Gemechu
Local Response to the Ethiopian Ethnic Based Federalism: Conflict and Conflict Management among the Borana and their NeighboUrs

Felix Girke
The Ädamo of the Kara. Rhetoric in Social Relations on the Lower Omo

Markus V. Hoehne
Political Orientations and Repertoires of Identification: State and Identity Formation in Northern Somalia

Remadji Hoinathy
Pétrole et changement social: rente pétrolière, dé-agriculturation et monétisation des interactions sociales dans le canton Béro au sud du Tchad

Aksana Ismailbekova
"The Native Son and Blood Ties": kinship and poetics of patronage in rural Kyrgyzstan

Nathaniel King
Contested Spaces in Post-War Society: the ‘devil business’ in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Christoph Kohl
Creole Identity, Interethnic Relations and Postcolonial Nation-Building in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa

Mateusz Laszczkowski
"City of the Future": built space and social change in Astana, Kazakhstan

Jolanda Lindenberg
Negotiating Language and Identity: The case of Belgium

Andrea Nicolas
From process to procedure: Mediation by elders, formality and peace (Eastern Shewa, Ethiopia)

Boris Nieswand
Ghanaian migrants in Germany and the status paradox of migration: a multi-sited ethnography of transnational pathways of migrant inclusion

Michaela Pelican
Getting along the Grassfields: interethnic relations and identity politics in northwest Cameroon

Kristin Pfeifer
„Wir sind keine Araber!“ Amazighische Identitätskonstruktion in Marokko – Im Spannungsfeld von internationalen Einflüssen und lokalen Ansprüchen

Andrea Riester
Migration and Conflict. The Integration of Burkinabe Migrants Displaced from Côte d’Ivoire

Sophie Roche
Domesticating Youth: the youth bulge in post-civil war Tajikistane

Markus Rudolf
lntegrating Conflict - Assessing a Thirty Years War: conflict and conflict management in the Lower Casamance, Senegal

Rita Sanders
Why Did They Stay Behind? Identities, Memories, and Social Networks of Kazakhstani Germans

Philipp Schröder
From Shanghai to Iug-2: Integration and Identification among and beyond the Male Youth of a Bishkek Neighbourhood

Ina Schröder
Shaping Youth: quest for moral education in a Mansi summer camp in western Siberia

Anita Schroven

Integration through marginality: Local politics and oral tradition in Guinea

Rano Turaeva
Identification, Discrimination and Communication: Khorezmian Migrants in Tashkent - Dissertation

Olaf Zenker
Irish/ness is all around us: the Irish language and Irish identity in Catholic West Belfast

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