Orientation in, perception and utilisation of space on the edge of the Arctic: Nomads and Sedentary people in Northwest Siberia

Project B6 in the Collaborative Research Centre “Difference and Integration” (SFB 586), supported by the German Research Foundation.

Duration: 15.07.2005 – 14.07.2008

Head of the project: Günther Schlee
Responsible researcher: Kirill Istomin

Subject of this research was the perception of and orientation in space among different users of the tundra in Siberia, such as reindeer herders, fishermen, traders, administrators or industrial workers. These groups of actors differ in terms of their way of life, notably they are either sedentary, nomadic or both. Since they use the tundra in different ways, they have varying interests in this space.

Project website: http://www.nomadsed.de/en/projects/projects-2004-2008/project-b6

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