East and Southeast Asia, Oceania

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Researchers in the area Southeast Asia

Jacqueline Knörr (Indonesia, Upper Guinea Coast) | Joachim Görlich (Papua New Guinea) | Nicole Reichert (Laos)

Former Researchers in the Area Southeast Asia (1999-2013)

Anita von Poser (Papua New Guinea) | Birgitt Röttger-Rössler (Indonesia, Germany)


Creole Identity in Postcolonial Indonesia
Author: Jacqueline Knörr
Publisher: Berghahn Books: New York, Oxford
Foodways & Empathy. Relatedness in a Ramu River Society, Papua New Guinea
Author: Anita von Poser
Publisher: Berghahn Books: New York, Oxford
Kreolität und postkoloniale Gesellschaft. Integration und Differenzierung in Jakarta
Author: Jacqueline Knörr
Publisher: Frankfurt/Main: Campus

Working Paper

Anita von Poser (2011)
Ageing and Taking Care of the Elderly in Contemporary Daiden (Northeast Papua New Guinea)

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