Working Papers

Language, Nationhood, and Systems: insights from language policy at the University of Makeni, Sierra Leone
David O'Kane (2021)

Ransoming, Collateral, and Protective Captivity on the Upper Guinea Coast before 1650: colonial continuities, contemporary echoes
Peter Mark (2018)

The Frontier in Sierra Leone: past experiences, present status, and future trajectories
David O’Kane, Anaïs Ménard (2015)

Towards ‘Audit Culture’ in Sierra Leone? Understanding ‘quality assurance’ at the University of Makeni
David O’Kane (2014)

Suffering for the Nation: bottom-up and topdown conceptualisations of the nation in Guinea and Guinea-Bissau
Christoph Kohl, Anita Schroven (2014)

The Interaction of Global and Local Models of Governance: new configurations of power in Upper Guinea Coast societies
Christian K. Højbjerg, Jacqueline Knörr, Anita Schroven (2013)

Fieldwork Between Folders: fragments, traces, and the ruins of colonial archives
Patrice Ladwig, Ricardo Roque, Oliver Tappe, Christoph Kohl, Cristiana Bastos (2012)
National, Ethnic, and Creole Identities in Contemporary Upper Guinea Coast Societies
Christian Højbjerg, Jacqueline Knörr, Christoph Kohl, Markus Rudolf, Anita Schroven, Wilson Trajano Filho (2012)

The (Re-) Conceptualisation of Women in Gendered International Interventions: examples from post-war Sierra Leone 
Anita Schroven (2011)

The Formation and Mobilization of Collective Identities in Situations of Conflict and Integration
Brian Donahoe, John Eidson, Dereje Feyissa, Veronika Fuest, Markus V. Hoehne, Boris Nieswand, Günther Schlee, Olaf Zenker (2009)

Towards Conceptualizing Creolization and Creoleness
Jacqueline Knörr (2008)

Governance and Legal Reform in The Gambia and Beyond: an anthropological critique of current development strategies 
Mark Davidheiser (2007)

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