Forthcoming 2011
Contesting Belonging and Social Citizenship: The Case of Refugee Housing in Armenia, Special issue of Citizenship Studies edited by J. Eckert and L. Yalcin-Heckmann.

“Becoming “Locals”: Refugees Before and After the State Housing Program
in Armenia”, Caucasus Analytical Digest, N4.

“To the Question of Unity and Inter-Conditionality of K. Popper’s Conception of Growth of Scientific Knowledge and his Evolutionary Epistemology” in Philosophical Reflections, Publishing House of Yerevan University. (In Russian)

Rational Criticism and the Open Society by K. Popper” in: “Izmenyayusheesya Obshestvo” journal, 1-2: 26-33. (In Russian)
“Women’s Rights Protection: Reality and Perspectives (in Expert’s View)” in: “Kanayk Hayots” journal, 1-2: 8-11. (In Armenian; together with Nvard Melkonyan)

“Family Planning: Programs & Realization”, “Kanayk Hayots” journal, 1: 63-65. (In Armenian)

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