Institute for Social Anthropology, Martin Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

Seminars since 2006
o Migration as experience and social practice (SS 2016)
o History of Anthropology(II): Structuralism, Functionalism, Structural Functionalism (SS 2015
o Language and identity in postcolonial societies (SS 2014)
o Ethnography of Southeast Asia II: Integration and Conflict (SS 2013)
o Ethnography of Southeast Asia I: Indonesia (SS 2012)
o African-Asian relationships: Migration, exchange, identity (WS 2011/12)
o Anthropology of migration (SS 2011)
o Anthropology of childhood (WS 2010/11)
o Construction of identity and personhood in postcolonial societies (SS 2010)
o Atlantic West Africa II (WS 2009/10)
o Atlantic West Africa I (WS 2007/08)
o Creole and (trans-)national identities in postcolonial societies (WS 2006/07)
o Urban Anthropology (SS 2006)

Institute for Social Anthropology, University of Bayreuth

WS 2008/09, Visiting Full Professor Seminars
o Economic anthropology
o Ethnographic methods
o Cultural Theory: (Trans-)national, local, religious and ethnic identifications
o Anthropology of the Upper Guinea Coast

Department of Anthropology and Centre for Society, Technology and Development, McGill University, Montreal

April 2008-September 2009, Seminars/Lectures
o Nationbuilding and transnationalism in contexts of social and ethnic diversity
o Theories of creolization
o Canadian-African connections in historical and contemporary perspective

Departamento Antropologia, Universidade Brasília (DAN),

August-September 2007, Seminars/Lectures
o Postcolonial nationhood and transnational connections in comparative perspective
o Ethnic and transethnic identifications among creole populations

Institute for African Studies, University of Leipzig

o Sierra Leone: History, culture, society (WS 2004/05)

University of Indonesia/Jakarta (2000-02)

o Identity in Jakarta
o Creole societies
o Religious identity and ethnic differentiation

Institute for Social Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Graduate School, University of Münster

o Anthropological methodology (WS 1998/99)
o Collective identities (SS 1998)
o Anthropology of West Africa (WS 1997/98)
o Urban Anthropology I and II (SS 1997)
o PhD colloquium (WS 1996/97)
o Conflict and Integration in Periods of Radical Social Transformation (SS 1996)
o Biographic Research (WS 1995/96)
o Ethnographic Methods  (SS 1995)

Free University of Berlin, Institute for Sociology

o Urban culture and identity in comparative perspective: Examples from Africa and Southeast Asia (WS 1996/97)

University of Cologne, Institute for Social Anthropology

o Neo-African identity: The case of Sierra Leone (WS 1994/95)

University of Sierra Leone, Freetown/Sierra Leone (1991-92)

o Creole and Pidgin languages as interethnic means of communication
o Ethnic identities and nation-building in postcolonial societies

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