Institute for Social Anthropology, Martin Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

since 2006
Language and identity in postcolonial societies (WS2021)
Queer Anthropology (SS 2020)
Political interaction and exchange in the Global South (SS 2019)
Constructions of the postcolonial nation in comparative perspective (SS 2018)
Perspectives on cosmopolitanism (SS 2017)
Migration as experience and social practice (SS 2016)
History of Anthropology(II): Structuralism, Functionalism, Structural Functionalism (SS 2015
Language and identity in postcolonial societies (SS 2014)
Ethnography of Southeast Asia II: Integration and Conflict (SS 2013)
Ethnography of Southeast Asia I: Indonesia (SS 2012)
African-Asian relationships: Migration, exchange, identity (WS 2011/12)
Anthropology of migration (SS 2011)
Anthropology of childhood (WS 2010/11)
Construction of identity and personhood in postcolonial societies (SS 2010)
Atlantic West Africa II (WS 2009/10)
Atlantic West Africa I (WS 2007/08)
Creole and (trans-)national identities in postcolonial societies (WS 2006/07)
Urban Anthropology (SS 2006)

Institute for Social Anthropology, University of Bayreuth

WS 2008/09, Professor (replacement)
Economic anthropology
Ethnographic methods
Cultural Theory: (Trans-)national, local, religious and ethnic identifications
Anthropology of the Upper Guinea Coast

Department of Anthropology and Centre for Society, Technology and Development, McGill University, Montreal

April 2008-September 2009
Nation-building and transnationalism in contexts of social and ethnic diversity
Theories of creolization

Departamento Antropologia, Universidade Brasília (DAN)

August-September 2007
Postcolonial nationhood and transnational connections in comparative perspective
Ethnic and transethnic identifications among creole populations

Institute for African Studies, University of Leipzig

WS 2004/05
Sierra Leone: History, culture, society

University of Indonesia/Jakarta

Identity in Jakarta
Creole societies
Religious identity and ethnic differentiation

Institute for Social Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Graduate School, University of Münster

Anthropological methodology (WS 1998/99)
Collective identities (SS 1998)
Anthropology of West Africa (WS 1997/98)
Urban Anthropology I and II (SS 1997)
PhD colloquium (WS 1996/97)
Conflict and Integration in Periods of Radical Social Transformation (SS 1996)
Biographic Research (WS 1995/96)
Ethnographic Methods  (SS 1995)

Free University of Berlin, Institute for Sociology

Urban culture and identity in comparative perspective: Examples from Africa and Southeast Asia (WS 1996/97)

University of Cologne, Institute for Social Anthropology

Neo-African identity: The case of Sierra Leone (WS 1994/95)

University of Sierra Leone, Freetown/Sierra Leone

Creole and Pidgin languages as interethnic means of communication
Ethnic identities and nation-building in postcolonial societies

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