Completed Projects

Law and Religion

Local State and Social Security in Rural Hungary, Romania and Serbia (externally funded)

Further completed projects:

Zerrin Özlem Biner 
Contesting past legacies: An ethnographic study of political violence and legal subjectivities in Southeastern Turkey

Brian Donahoe 
The law and environmental justice in the Russian Federation

Julia Eckert
Security, Citizenship and Democracy in an Indian Metropolis

Anja Peleikis 
Who owns The Village? Legal Pluralism, Cultural Property and Social Security in a Baltic Tourist Centre (The Case of Nida at the Curonian Spit/Lithuania)

Fernanda Pirie 
Judicial order and conflict resolution in ethnographic Tibet

Arskal Salim
Contesting through disputes: Islam, custom and the state in plural legal settlements in post-Tsunami Aceh

Christian Strümpell 
Development, Displacement and Human Rights in an East Indian Steel Town

Aimar Ventsel
Punkrock at the margins of legality

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