Journal Article (5)

Journal Article
Ismailbekova, Aksana. 2014. Migration and patrilineal descent: the role of women in Kyrgyzstan. Central Asian Survey 33(3): 375–389.
Journal Article
Ismailbekova, Aksana. 2014. Securing future lives of children through ritualized parenthood in the village of Bulak, Kyrgyzstan. Anthropology of East Europe Review 32(2): 17–32.
Journal Article
Ismailbekova, Aksana. 2014. Mobility as a coping strategy for Osh Uzbeks in the aftermath of conflict. Internationales Asien-Forum 45(1-2): 49–68.
Journal Article
Ismailbekova, Aksana and Jeanne Féaux de la Croix. 2014. Ethnographies of belonging and the future in Kyrgyzstan: introduction to themed section of AEER. Anthropology of East Europe Review 32(2): 1–16.
Journal Article
Pashos, Alexander, Gulnazira Kinjabaeva, Aksana Ismailbekova, Yuliya Absalyamova, and Carsten Niemitz. 2014. An analysis of patrilateral kin investment biases in two patrilocal Kipchak Turk populations from Kirgizstan and Bashkortostan. Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta: Serija 23; Antropologija 3: 77–77.

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Ismailbekova, Aksana. 2014. Performing democracy: state-making through patronage in Kyrgyzstan. Ethnographies of the state in Central Asia: performing politics. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, pp. 78–98.

Book Review (1)

Book Review
Ismailbekova, Aksana. 2014. Liu, Morgan Y., Under Solomon's throne, Uzbek visions of renewal in Osh. Europe Asia Studies 66(2): 333–334.
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