Papers presented at international conferences and colloquia (selected)

2014 January
Regulating informal economies in post-Soviet Central Asia at workshop ‘The Central Asian Migrant Experience in Turkey and Russia: Comparing, Political Subjectivities, Diaspora Politics and Citizen-State Relations, Istanbul

2014 January
‘Implications of informalisation processes for legal models in the third world: systems of alternative regulation’ at Symposium ‘Theorien des Strukturwandels und Entwicklungsforschung: Zukunftsperspektiven’, organized by Forum Internationale Wissenschaft (FIW) and Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms Universität Bonn, Germany

2013, November
Mobile entrepreneurs in post-Soviet Central Asia: micro-orders of tirikchilik, at a conference ‘Informal Practices and Structures in Eastern Europe and Central Asia’ at University of Fribourg, Switzerland

2013, October
Controlled roads and ways to control in Uzbekistan, in the panel ‘Anthropology of Road’ at DGV-Tagung 2013, Manz, Germany

2013, March
“Patrons and clients, kattas and kichkinas in Central Asia”, at 3rd Annual Navrus/Noorus Postgraduate Workshop on Central Asia organized by School of Geography, Politics and Sociology / School of Modern Languages Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK.

2012, June
“Post-Soviet Uncertainties: Micro-orders of Central Asian migrants in Russia” in the Panel ‘Legal pluralism and the uncertainties of responsibility’ at EASA 2012: Uncertainty and Disquiet, Nanterre University, France

2011, November 18
“Propiska Regime In Post Soviet Space: Regulating Mobility and Residence” in the panel called “State practices and local traces. Tidemarks and Legacies of regulatory regimes in post socialist countries”, at 110th Annual Meeting under the title: “Traces, Tidemarks and Legacies” Montreal, QC, Canada.

2010, July
“Two ways to climb one chain, who climbs which way: the making of agricultural policy in Uzbekistan” presented at the seminar of ZEFa, Bonn, Germany

“Bound without ropes: Social Theories on Power Relations” presented in ESCAS (European Society of Central Asian Studies) XI Conference “Studying Central Asia: in Quest for New Paths and Concepts”, in Budapest September 3-5

“Language role in constructing social identities in Uzbekistan” presented at Central Asian Studies: History, Politics and Society, Japan, Organized by the University of Tsukuba, Stockholm University, University of Tokyo and University of Cambridge December, 2007

“Integration through practical kinship and ethnicity; Qudachiliq practices of Khorezmians” presented at ESCAS Xth Conference “Central Asia: Sharing Experiences and Prospects”, Ankara, Turkey, 12-15 September

“The Cultural Baggage of Khorezmian identity Halfas and Bahshis in Khorezm.” presented at History, Politics and Culture of Identities in Central Asia, Bishkek, May, 2007

“Citizenship, nationality and ethnicity; old propiska and new citizenship in post soviet Uzbekistan” presented at GSAA - Graduate School Asia and Africa in World Reference Systems, Research Colloquium, Wittenberg, Germany, February 13-14

“Bound without Ropes: interdependence in Khorezmian migrant communities in Tashkent” Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany, presented as a speaker at Anthropological Workshop, January 23

“Continuities and discontinuities in post-socialist Uzbekistan” presented at the UCL (University College London) and Cambridge University workshop “New Directions in Post/Socialist Research”, at the Department of Anthropology, University College London, 19-20 June

Invited lecture

2012, June 6
Languages of Discrimination: Impact of Linguistic Differences on Collective Identities, at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul, Turkey

2010, November 3
“Identification and Communication: Theoretical introduction”, at the University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam, Germany

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