Turkana additional footage

Since 2006, I have been taking along my video film camera on my fieldwork trips to the Toposa in the eastern South Sudan and the Turkana in north-western Kenya. The resulting filmic notes document certain aspects of the life there, each with different focuses.

These films do not constitute classic ethnographic films with protagonists and a specific message, they are rather collections of images and situations that – in their sum – allow for an insight into the local life. My main priority was authenticity. None of the scenes were staged or reshot, everything was filmed in a trusting atmosphere and with the consent of the participants. I deliberately refrained from dramatic shots and sound backdrops, in order to avoid turning the scenes into some exotic sensation but rather show them for what they are: a part of the normal, local life. This also involves adjusting the rhythm of the films to the living pace of the people.

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