Generation Z and the Fifth Wave of Terrorism – Article by Carolin Görzig in the FAZ

July 30, 2020

In a full-page German newspaper article, Carolin Görzig discusses the development of modern terrorism and how David Rapoport’s model of “waves” of terrorism helps us understand it. While individual stories vary widely and make it difficult to draw any reliable conclusions about how terrorism has changed over time, a generational analysis offers much more meaningful insights. For example, it allows us to identify a pattern in which ideologies and ideas of the enemy are repeated every second generation. Terrorist groups change through learning processes that involve more than just the use of violence. For example, around the world, groups such as the IRA (Northern Ireland) and Gamaa Islamiya (Egypt) have come to the conclusion that it can be more productive to renounce violence and turn instead to political means to advocate for their interests.

Link to the article in German language: Die Generation Z und die fünfte Welle des Terrorismus

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