Curriculum Vitae

Academic Appointments

Ph.D. Candidate
Max Planck Fellow Group “Environmental Rights in Cultural Context Project”

School of Law, National University of Mongolia

Associate Lecturer
German Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology

Founding Member
Environmental Law Section, Mongolian Bar Association 


May 2019
LL.M, Penn State Law School

May 2015
Visiting Scholar, University of Indiana, Maurer School of Law

May 2014
LL.M, Southwestern Law School (American Constitution Society, Environmental Law Society)

June 2006
Bachelor of Law, School of Law, National University of Mongolia


Constitutional law (seminar), Administrative Law (seminar), Environmental Law, Natural Resource Law, Theory of State (seminar) and Introduction to Mongolian Law


Attorney-at-Law, admitted in 2006 & 2015 to Mongolian Bar Association 

Professional Experience

Since 2015
Partner - Litigator
Bayar Legal Partners LLP, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

November 2013-May 2014
Clerk (Internship)
LA County District Attorney’s Office: Environmental Crimes/ OSHA Division, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Solo Practitioner
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Land law cases

Law Clerk (Internship)
Department of Justice of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Assistant Researcher (Internship)
National Legal Institute of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Law Clerk (Internship)
Open Society, Asian Development Bank, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 

Cases in Environmental Rights

Let’s Protect the Noyon Mountain NGO v. Mineral Resource and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia, Supreme Court of Mongolia, Represents the 3rd party, Ref …, December 16, 2019; “Whether NGO had the standing to bring the case to the court was argued.”

Owners of Khuvsgul Lake NGO v. Government of Mongolia, Administrative Appellate Court of Mongolia, Ref 221/Sh32018/0429, March 28, 2018, “An administrative norm regulating mining and exploration licenses procedure conflicts with Mineral Law and Public Land Law of Mongolia”.

Owners of Khuvsgul Lake NGO v. Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia, The Appellate Administrative Court of Mongolia, Ref 221/Sh32018/0116, March 5, 2018, “Whether NGO has right to file a claim presenting the public interest”.

Bayar Dashpurev v. Government of Mongolia, “Tsets” Constitutional Court of Mongolia, Ref 135, June 23, 2017, “Artisanal Mining Regulation # 158 violated the Constitution”.

There are dozens of cases I argued and gave legal advices under environmental legislations and regulations such as land law, mineral law, water law, general environmental protection law and environmental impact assessment law etc.,

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