Author: Mathias Krabbe
June 25, 2022
Recently, I stumbled upon the June 2022 report by the National Bank of Poland (NBP). The report states that the main risk for Poland’s financial stability is the legal risk of FX (foreign currency) housing loans, primarily due to banks continuously losing in courtrooms against their former clients. It also demonstrates the continued importance of these FX housing loans for the Polish economy as well as society. [more]
Author: Mathias Krabbe
February 25, 2021
In a finding that will likely surprise nobody, “koronawirus” is the word of 2020 in Poland according to a poll by the Institute of Polish Language at the University of Warsaw and the Polish Language Foundation. It is a word that most people are overly familiar with and that needs no translation, introduction, or explanation ... [more]
Author: Marek Mikuš
October 10, 2020
Having successfully kept the COVID-19 pandemic under control in the spring, Slovakia currently experiences a much stronger second wave and new record daily increases in cases are reported on a daily basis. However, another statistic also recently received attention in the country: the 2020 edition of Allianz Global Wealth Report, the well-known report on the assets and liabilities of households around the world. The media and commentators such as members of the pro-worker NGO Pracujúca chudoba (Working Poor) discussed... [more]

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