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Journal Article (13)

Journal Article
Harms, Arne, Hans-Michael Mingenbach, Julia Vorhölter, and Tom Renner. 2023. Kohlekraftwerk am Nationalpark? Ein Rollenspiel zu Interessenskonflikten von Umweltschutz und Entwicklung in Bangladesch. Geographie heute 44(363): 34–37.
Journal Article
Kofti, Dimitra, Arne Harms, and Isabell Rivoal. 2023. Editorial. Social Anthropology/Anthropologie sociale 31(4): v-vi. DOI:
Journal Article
Harms, Arne. 2022. Beyond dystopia: regenerative cultures and ethics among european climate activists. American Anthropologist 124(3): 515–524. DOI:
Journal Article
Harms, Arne. 2021. Three ways of seeing a forest: on the social life of economization in indian carbon forestry. Journal of South Asian Development 16(3): 367–386. DOI:
Journal Article
Harms, Arne. 2021. Still mired in growth: from COP to a culture of quitting. Monthly Bulletin of the Asiatic Society 50(10): 27–29.
Journal Article
Harms, Arne. 2021. Revisiting green neoliberalism in India through the lens of market-based restoration and reforestation projects. Journal of South Asian Development 16(3): 327–341. DOI:
Journal Article
Harms, Arne. 2021. What kinds of activism do regenerative cultures fuel and how might we research them? Social Anthropology/Anthropologie sociale 29(1): 238–240. DOI:
Journal Article
Harms, Arne. 2021. Accidental environmentalism: nature and cultivated affect in European neoshamanic ayahuasca consumption. Anthropology of Consciousness 32(1): 55–80. DOI:
Journal Article
Harms, Arne. 2020. Fortifying breath in this moment of spray: face masks beyond COVID‐19. Social Anthropology/Anthropologie sociale 28(2): 277–278. DOI:
Journal Article
Harms, Arne. 2018. Filming sea-level rise: media encounters and memory work in the Indian Sundarbans. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 24(3): 475–492. DOI:
Journal Article
Harms, Arne. 2018. La ciudadanía corroída: desplazamiento ambiental y relaciones de Estado en Sundarbans, India. Ecología Política 55: 41–47.
Journal Article
Harms, Arne. 2017. Citizenship at sea: environmental displacement and state relations in the Indian Sundarbans. Economic and Political Weekly 52(33): 69.
Journal Article
Harms, Arne. 2015. Leaving Lohācharā: on circuits of emplacement and displacement in the Ganges Delta. Global Environment 8(1): 62–85. DOI:

Book Chapter (4)

Book Chapter
Harms, Arne. 2020. Under the climate radar: disaster and displacement in the Bengal Delta. In: Ali Nobil Ahmad and Heinrich Böll Stiftung (eds.). Climate justice and migration: mobility, development, and displacement in the global south. Democracy 57. Berlin: Heinrich Böll Stiftung, pp. 150–155.
Book Chapter
Harms, Arne. 2019. Adapting to sea-level rise in the Indian Ocean: the cases of India and Bangladesh. In: Paul G. Harris (ed.). Climate change and ocean governance: politics and policy for threatened seas. Cambridge; New York; Melbourne; New Delhi; Singapore: Cambridge University Press, pp. 75–89.
Book Chapter
Harms, Arne and Oliver Powalla. 2016. India: the long march to a climate movement. In: Matthias Dietz and Heiko Garrelts (eds.). Routledge handbook of the climate change movement. Routledge International Handbooks. London; New York: Routledge, pp. 179–193.
Book Chapter
Harms, Arne. 2012. Squatters on a shrinking coast: environmental hazards, memory and social resilience in the Ganges Delta. In: Ute Luig (ed.). Negotiating disasters: politics, representation, meanings. Frankfurt am Main; Berlin; Bern; Bruxelles; New York; Oxford; Wien: Peter Lang, pp. 105–128.

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Harms, Arne. 2015. Dwelling in loss: environment, displacement and memory in the Indian Ganges Delta. PhD Thesis, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin.

Working Paper (1)

Working Paper
Harms, Arne. 2018. Accretive enclaves: carbon sequestration and market-based conservation in India. Working Paper Series des SFB 1199 an der Universität Leipzig 12. Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag.

Issue (1)

Harms, Arne and Sarah Benabou (eds.). 2021. Market-based restoration and reforestation projects in India: the ambivalences of green neoliberalism. Journal of South Asian Development 16(3).

Book Review (1)

Book Review
Harms, Arne. 2022. Schneider-Mayerson, Matthew, and Brent Ryan Bellamy (eds.): An Ecotopian Lexicon. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2019. 327 pp. Anthropos 117(2): 581–582. DOI:

Monograph (1)

Harms, Arne. 2019. Infrastrukturen. Dialektik des Globalen 2. Berlin: De Gruyter.

Blog Post (1)

Blog Post
Harms, Arne. 2021. Seeding futures: regeneration as utopian promise. Weather Matters.
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