Radio Interview with Christoph Brumann on the UNESCO World Heritage List: “Rich and experienced countries have an advantage”

July 14, 2021

In an interview with Kathrin Hondl from the German broadcaster Deutschlandfunk, Christoph Brumann talks about why UNESCO’s vision of creating comprehensive, multilateral protection of exceptional landmarks of cultural and natural heritage has never been truly realized. And he explains why, even after reforms of the nomination process, the rich nations of the Global North continue be at a significant advantage and are better able to ensure that their interests are represented on the list.

Link to the interview (in German) with Christoph Brumann

Christoph Brumann discusses this topic in more depth in his recent book The Best We Share: Nation, Culture and World-Making in the UNESCO World Heritage Arena, which was published in March 2021.
Click here for our press release about the book publication.

Christoph's video on his book "The Best We Share"

Read On – The Best We Share

In this video in our series “Read On”, Christoph Brumann talks about his book and the central concerns of his research into the processes behind UNESCO World Heritage designations.

Language: English
Length: 7 minutes

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