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Dirk Hanschel

In this video, Max Planck Fellow Prof. Dirk Hanschel talks about his research group “Environmental Rights in Cultural Context” (ERCC). He explains how the interdisciplinary work carried out by the group’s legal scholars and anthropologists can help to explore multiple notions of environmental justice in relation to rights encapsulated in the state law as well as within local communities that are exposed to fundamental environmental challenges.
Language: English
Length: 4 minutes

Mario G. Aguilera

In this video, ERCC post-doctoral research fellow Mario G. Aguilera talks about his research on the rights of nature in Ecuador and discuss the group’s plans for the coming year.
Language: English
Length: 3 minutes

Abduletif Kedir Idris

In this video, ERCC doctoral student Abduletif Kedir Idris outlines his research questions before departing for field work in Southern Ethiopia where he plans to examine the utility of rules on environmental rights in promoting the resilience of vulnerable communities in the context where judicial enforcement cannot be taken for granted.
Language: English
Length: 3 minutes

Bayar Dashpurev

In the video, ERCC doctoral student Bayar Dashpurev talks about the absent judicial practices of environmental rights in the South Gobi, Mongolia, where he expects the contestation of environmental rights due to the present environmental degradations relating to extraction activities.
Language: English
Length: 2 minutes
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