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Journal Article
Haxby, Andrew. 2021. The ambiguity of price and the labor of land brokers in Kathmandu, Nepal. Economic Anthropology 8(2): 247–258. DOI: 10.1002/sea2.12213.
Journal Article
Haxby, Andrew. 2017. Can a financial bubble burst if no one hears the pop? Transparency, debt, and the control of price in the Kathmandu land market. Focaal 78: 77–89. DOI: 10.3167/fcl.2017.780107.
Journal Article
Haxby, Andrew. 2017. The maintenance of virtue over time: notes on changing household lives in post-disaster Nepal. Himalaya 37(2): 65–74. Accessed 2017.

Interview (1)

Haxby, Andrew. 2022. Landownership, kinship and finance in Kathmandu. Interview by Stefan Schwendtner and Carlo Diesterbeck-Roll. Spot On. Halle/Saale: Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. Accessed April 22, 2022.
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