World heritage and urban politics in Melaka, Malaysia. A cityscape below the winds

Pierpaolo De Giosa

Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press

Year of publication



Already celebrated as a busy entrepôt and the most glorious of the Malay kingdoms of the past, Melaka has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List (together with George Town) since 2008 on the strength of its multi-ethnic and multi-religious urban fabric. Yet, contrary to the expectations of heritage experts and aficionados, the global mission of safeguarding cultural heritages has become a tumultuous issue on the ground.
In World Heritage and Urban Politics in Melaka, Malaysia: A Cityscape below the Winds how the World Heritage ‘label’ has been, and continue to be used by different actors – such as international organizations, nation states, and society at large – to generate new economic revenues as well as to attract tourists and investments for large-scale real estate development projects is analyzed, revealing the complex and often contradictory stories behind heritage designations in urban milieus.

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