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Research Interests
Cultural diversity, freedom of religion, indigenous rights, comparative law, public law, administrative law, transnational constitutionalism, education law, legal history, socio-legal studies, legal theory and jurisprudence

Research Area
Europe and Latin America


Dr. Rodrigo Cespedes was born in Chile and is a Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology (Department of Law & Anthropology). His current research focuses on religious discrimination in school education in a number of countries and within the European human rights system. He is a qualified attorney at law and holds a PhD in Law from Lancaster University, UK.  Previously, he was postdoctoral researcher at Manchester University (UK), where he conducted research on Latin American comparative law (in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and the Inter-American human rights system). In his own country he has taught Administrative Law, Environmental Law, and Introduction to the Law at Universidad Católica del Norte in Antofagasta, Chile. Over the course of his professional life he has researched and explored numerous topics ranging from jurisprudence to tax law.

Why Law & Anthropology?

Law is a lively phenomenon that is interconnected with fields of research in the social sciences such as history, sociology, and anthropology. Exploring their connections is fascinating, especially in the area of cultural diversity. In order to fully understand law, an interdisciplinary approach is needed. Law is a practical discipline; analysing the connection between legal operators in practice and legal concepts in theory gives us a more realistic picture of legal dynamics and the administration of justice. Legal anthropology provides an ideal framework for obtaining a better comprehension of law and its social implications.

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