A Look inside the new Extension Building

Entering the Institute’s extension building, one is greeted by the clear, bold lines of the central light-filled atrium and stairways that seem suspended in the air. The elegant three-storey building, which was inaugurated on 15 June 2017, holds 20 offices and a seminar room.

The stairways accentuate the building’s clear lines and striking colour scheme.

Electronic information board in the entryway next to the seminar room.

Common area and kitchenette in the atrium.

View upwards towards the skylight: floating stairs and balconies create bold lines.

The dark stairs stand in striking contrast to the bright atrium.

The kitchenettes on the upper storeys each open onto a balcony; here, Institute members can relax and engage in discussions.

Large windows give the atrium and staircase a bright and airy atmosphere.

View from above of the balconies overlooking the atrium.

The birch shelves that line the hallways add a warm note against the white and slate colour scheme of the building.
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