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Read On | Christoph Brumann

In the first episode of our new video series Read On, Christoph Brumann introduces his new book, “The best we share: nation, culture and world-making in the UNESCO World Heritage Arena”, in which he explores the World Heritage Convention adopted by Unesco member states in 1972. The states were motivated by an ambitious vision: shared responsibility for protecting sites identified as being of universal significance – regardless of any national interests. How this has worked in practice is the topic of Christoph Brumann’s research. In his book he shows how, from the beginning, the dominance of the Global North has stood in the way of the idea of a global community of equal nations. Since the 2010 meeting of the World Heritage Committee in Brazil, the treaty states‘ efforts to promote their own national interests have become increasingly uncompromising.

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Read On – The Best We Share

Language: English
Length: 7 minutes
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