Working Paper 44

The Politics of Exclusion: the expulsion of Fulbe pastoralists from Ghana in 1999/2000

Steve Tonah

Department ‘Integration and Conflict’

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Working Paper 44

This paper discusses the expulsion of Fulbe nomadic pastoralists from Ghana in 1999 and 2000. The migration of the Fulbe from the savanna region to the fringes of the humid-tropical zone and its implications for pastoral livelihood is examined. The interests of individuals and groups in the host communities and how these interests have influenced their predisposition to the presence of the Fulbe in their localities are also discussed. The paper also examines the relationship between the state and nomadic pastoralists at both the national and the local levels. Finally, the paper takes a critical look at the rationale for the expulsion action and assesses the success of the action and the consequences for both the Fulbe and their hosts.

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